Parco Durazzo Pallavicini in Pegli, designed by the architect Michele Canzio between 1840 and 1846 at the behest of the Marquis Ignazio Alessandro Pallavicini, is a unique example of Italian and European historical romantic garden. A unique feature of this eight-hectare garden, located on a hillside, is that it has the structure of a theatrical plot with esoteric-Masonic nuances transforming the visit into a historical and cultural journey, as well as into a scenic and botanical experience which is also meditative and philosophical. The tour is divided into three acts, each of them is composed of four scenes with lakes, streams, waterfalls, garden buildings, ancient furniture, rare plants, unusual visual perspectives and “spectacular illusions”, which almost “grasp” the outside landscape and perpetually expand the boundaries of this magic place.

Scheme of the theatrical organization

Prologue and prequel

The Gothic Avenue and the Classical Avenue

1st Act: Return to Nature

First scene: The Hermitage
Second scene: the Amusement Park
Third scene: the Old Lake
Fourth scene: the Source

2nd Act: Return to the story

First scene: Mary’s Little Chapel
Second scene: The Swiss Hut
Third scene: The Captain’s Castle
Fourth scene: The Captain’s Mausoleum

3rd Act: The Catharsis

First scene: The Grottoes/Dante’s Hell
Second scene: The Big Lake
Third scene: Flora’s Gardens
Fourth scene: The Remembrance

The Exodus

The Water Games


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